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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 22, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we saw that on display in pittsburgh. >> wie we did, indeed. people of all ages really loved him. >> sean: i took a lot of pictures with a lot of seniors. >> great interview. >> sean: you did good. greta's next, see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight i don't think it was fair to hillary clinton or john mccain. >> greta: did the media help tip the scales for president obama in 2008? a white house reporter, accusing the media of bias. plus, congressman paul ryan is on the attack. >> this is president obama's imaginary recovery. [laughter] >> it is not here. >> greta: former new york mayor rudy guiliani is here to talk about that imaginary recovery. plus, 52,000 dollars of your money to make this spoof video of the movie patton. >> i couldn't say at ease
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because some of you -- if you were any more at ease -- would still be asleep. >> greta: now, why would you pay for that? that's only the good luck. congressman issa's investigating the newest scandal spending by our government. you will hear from him. there is so much more. but first, abc news, white house reporter jake tapper, with the earned reputation of being blunt is accusing the media of being bias, saying it helped the media to help tip the scales to lead obama to videovictory. >> i have said before that i thought the media helped tip the scale, i didn't think the coverage in 2008 was fair to hillary clinton or john mccain. sometimes i felt like it was hiller's election and other decisions and magazine cover, campaign narratives that it wasn't always the fairest coverage. >> greta: republican national committee chair reince priebus is here. nice to see you, sir.
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>> hey, gret a. happy to be in tampa. >> greta: i bet. you may have isaac to join you, the hurricane. we'll talk about nain a second. jake tapper of abc news says in 2008, the media helped tip the scales in favor of barack obama away from hillary clinton and senator john mccain. i know you think the media's biased. but do you have instance this is go round wrtd media's done that against your candidate? >> well, i mean, i think so. i mean, i think it's pretty clear that the media has a love affair with barack obama. and clearly eye mean, he's got nothing to run on. i mean, the fact that we could be running days on end about nothing that has anything to do with what barack obama promised this country and what he has delivered, we know that that is what the american people care b. we know that the american people care about, here's what you promised on job, here's what you promised on the debt and the
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deficit. and what did you do deliver? but instead, the media enjoys playing -- i valid to say, the -- i would have to say, the barack obama media game, over and over again. this is why, greta, to raise the kind of money that we need to raise in order to be competitive because the way we have to get our message out and we do have stations that are despair balanced that we can be on -- thank you. but the other way is by buying advertising, 30 seconds at a time on television and that's hard to do. but we know what we are up against. but we know that the american people know better. they know that the president promised the carpet the world and he delivered a plate of dog food. it's up to us to be clear in our message and deliver that to the american people. >> greta: are you saying -- a couple of things, one you could say that the media's asking what is your favorite color? what is your favorite movie?
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another thing is whether or not the president gives access so the media can ask the tough, blunt questions. and the third is, are you saying the mede why's not comparing and contrasting the promises before and where we are now? or is it all three of those? >> well, i mean, i think it's all three. it's an obsession with the things that have nothing to do with what traditional presidential races are about, when have you an incumbent. what did you promise? what did you deliver? are we better off than we were 3 or 4 years ago. obsession on issues, now that the new obsession is the platform of the republican party on abortion, which is ano obsession, what about the obsession about a guy who believes in partial birth abortion? what about that obsession? why aren't we talking about that very -- that minority view? of abortion in our country that this president holds dear to his
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heart? we are not talking about that. the fact is that this is thelection is going to come down to the core issues that i just outlined. it comes down to whether or not the american dream is going to be alive for people in this country for our kids and grandkids. and the fact that this president has a problem with the american dream. that's what this election is going to come down to. but that's not -- in many cases, what the media cares to talk about. >> greta: in some ways, you mentioned the issue of abortion. a member of your party has put that front and center. congressman ache nen missouri. in fact, he has put it so much front and center that members of his own party have turned against him and he has issued a fund-raiser -- anil seeking funds and he is saying that, among other things, saying that the media's against us -- meaning him -- the washington elite is against us -- meaning him and the party bosses are against him. i uncle that probably means you.
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are you against him? >> yes. i'm against him continuing running, yes. i think that, you know, media bias is one thing. but i also think that when something is so blatantly obvious that you are putting our party in a worse scenario that you ought to step up and do the right thing, which i consider to be the honorable thing. i am involved in politics for the cause of liberty and freedom that we believe inform i am not involved because i am worried about the future of the republican party. i am involved because i am worried about the future of america. i would hope that he would see it the same way and realize that, you know what? we probably would be better off if you allow one of these other folks to run in your place. i think that's the right thing to do. >> greta: how much of a heave ho are you trying to do? the head of your party, governor romney -- at least, i assume he will be the nominee, very shortly, vice-presidential
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candidate paul ryan has asked him. a whole slate of people. you don't want him in. how much will you try to muscle him out of the race? >> i mean, i being, for one thing -- i think for one thing, i know he is considering these things. we have a couple of of weeks before the next deadline. but you know, it is ultimately up to him. we don't -- nobody but he has the power to get himself out of the race. and so, i think it's better for our country. i think that we all understand one thing and that's that our country can't continue down this unsustainable path that we are on. i think it's an important race to win in missouri. and if he believes, congressman akin believes in the same things, he would do the right thing, which is to put our our-selves in a stronger position to win the seat. i think that's what most people who are worried and involved about the future of this country would do.
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>> greta: we have 30 seconds left. besides crossing your fingers, are you making alternative plan fist hurricane isaac decides to visit you? >> you know, all the folks down here say this is not going to happen. but i will tell that you we always have contingency plans. we, of course, do have contingency plans. you know, god forbid that that happens, we will be ready to move toward those plans if it -- if this should occur. but we feel great. we are going to have a great week. it's going to be a great time to tell the mitt romney story to america. >> greta: of course, we will be there joining you. you have agreed to be a guest with us next week. thank you, mr. chairman. >> you bet. you will love the hall. it's great. >> greta: i look forward to seeing it. thank you, sir. congressman paul ryan on the attack in virginia today >> he said last summer was going to be the summer of recovery. and so it's a summer later and
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it's still worse. he said that the private sector's doing just fine. we need more government. deform this is president obama's imaginary recovery. [chuckles] >> it is not here! >> greta: former new york city mayor rudy guiliani is here on the phone. good evening. >> how are you, greta? >> greta: very well. mayor, obviously, representative ryan wants to keep this discussion on the economy, as does governor romney. there is a lot of push from the other side, the democrats, to bring this question back to issues of abortion, congressman akin. how does the candidate ryan keep this on the economy? >> i think he did today. he did exactly the right thing today. he talked about the fact that the economy is going through the worst recovery we have had in our lifetime. the four years of obama have been a disaster for our economy. if the american people were go to go to the polls and ask if you are better off than we were four years ago, we would
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probably throw him out 60-40. obama and biden are trying to get the focus on something else. the new york times helps them, the two main articles on the front page were about congressman akin. hard to believe when they never put biden's remarks even on the front page. here we are talking about a sitting vice-president, making totally idiotic remarks, blatant attempt to aphel racism and somehow akin's remark, a congressman, is considered more important than biden's continual gaffes and the big question that biden raises toze whether he's capable of being vice-president? >> greta: you troferd him in the past, i mean, recently, as a joke. do you want to -- [laughter] >> greta: do you maintain that? >> of course, he's a joke! he is the biggest laugh line on national television that we have ever had in a vice-president. this is a guy, a week ago, who couldn't remember what state he was in, couldn't remember what
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century he is in, couldn't remember congressman ryan's correct title -- called him governor. and attempted a ridiculous southern accent to appeal to black voters and to try to tell them they are going to go back into chain -- he used the word "back," not just be in chains, but back into chains. this was a disgusting appeal to racism. which the obama campaign refused to apologize for. and the new york times ignored. although akin's ridiculous remarks end up demanding coverage -- the two top articles in the new york times today were about akin. and akin is not an issue between the presidential candidates. romney wants him off the ticket. everyone wants him off the ticket. the only one who wants to be on the tick is akin. >> greta: what is your thinking on the new york times? does the new york times think it's one sided? or is it thinking we want to pick a particular candidate? >> i can't imagine the new york times thinks it's one sided.
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anyone who isn't the most indoctrinated democrat would tell you that the new york times is seriously one sided. and it was in the whole race in '08. you are just looking at the coverage now and it's close to absurd. today's a great example of it. i mean, two articles about akin today? on the front page, when we have afghanistan deteriorating. we have an economy that -- there is a prediction that we may have 9% unemployment next we're -- year. we have beena at 8% unemployment for a record period of time. have you to go back to the great depression to find unemployment figures anywhere near like this, under obam a. these are the things they should be writing about and focusing on. i think the only thing that governor romney and congressman ryan can do is constantly hit on the economy and hope that it gets through the -- the media coverage, which is going to todo
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everything it can to ignore it. what do you expect at the convention? >> i expect to be there. i expect it will be absolutely terrific. i don't think -- i think the fear of the hurricane will give more attention to the convention. >> greta: what are the strengths and weaknesses of the republican ticket, going into the fall? >> i think the strength of the republican ticket is that -- in governor romney's case, he made an unbelievable good choice in choosing paul ryan. he has made an attempt, a real honest attempt to try to get this campaign on the issues of the economy, willing to take on medicare, willing to take on entitlement, willing to take on what needs to be done to straighten out our economy. i think the challenge will be exactly what the chairman just said. the challenge will be cutting through the media bias, which if you just want to do a rough seat of the pants analysis is probably 75-80% favorable, to
10:14 pm
president obama. >> greta: what do you think, there is more media bias against the republican ticket? or do you think there is more negative ads in the campaign? >> li think there is a tremendous amount of media bias. i think it has been a love affair with president obama since the time he announced as a candidate, including against hillary clinton. i think they're having a hard time, kind of dealing with how big of a mistake they made in '08 supporting dismim what a disaster hoe has been for our economy. there has always been a prejudice against the republican party. i think the media is basically democrat. when it looks at republican ideas, it finds them radical. and you look at this whole thing on abortion. i mean, what akin said was very wrong. it was a very insensitive thing to say. it was a dumb thing to say. he's apologized for it. biden's never apologized for what he said. not only, the leading figures in
10:15 pm
the republican party have asked him to step down. and the leading figures in the democratic party except for governor wilder who was courageous enough to say how horrible he thought what biden said was... the democratic party is sticking with biden and the horrible remarks he made a few weeks ago. >> greta: mayor, thank you for joining us. we will see you next week in tampa. we'll take the show there. >> okay. see you there. good luck. >> greta: thank you, mayor. >> take care. >> greta: straight ahead, did the obama campaign get something wrong about paul ryan? and are they scrambling? joe trippi will be here. would you pay $52,000 for a video parody of the movie "patton"? well, you just did. you will not believe this new one. congressman issa is investigating it. he will be here. and governor chris christie doling out advice it a notorious politician.
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>> greta: did the in thees call this one wrong? they were sure their strategy would sweep them to victory, painting the paul ryan medicare plan as dangerous for senior, saying it would end medicare as
10:20 pm
they know it? but it might have been a tad bit wrong. a brand-new poll says 49% of seniors like congressman paul ryan, higher than the general population of paul ryan poll numbers. so what does this mean? if the democrats attack paul ryan on medicare, now what? the democratic strategist joe trippi is here. the now what might be a little bit of mr. akin. but we will get to that. what do the numbers mean? >> it's too early to tell. the first thing is that what i think is happening is that all the partisans are choosing sides. so if you like romney, you know, ryan's getting up into the 40s on the favorable. if you like obottom aguess what? you are getting near the 40s on his unfavorable rating. so i think what is happening is partisans are picking sides. but he does have an unfavorable rating -- >> greta: has what? >> a net favorable.
10:21 pm
he is more favorable than unfavorable. that's really important, particularly for romney who is upside down, with a higher unfavorable than a favorable. i think right now, you have to say, it's a net plus for the ticket, that paul ryan's favorable is. but, look, policies -- there has always been a difference between favorables and where they rank people on policies. i mean, barack obama has got a higher favorable than he has job approval -- >> greta: in other words, you are saying, he's a nice guy -- i like ryan -- >> but i don't agree with lim on medicare or on obamacare. both of those things are true. they like obam athey like ryan. but it's better to be liked than not liked. that's good. but sooner or later tdoes get to the policies. i don't think we have seen who will win that war yet, want just on medicare, bow cuts and grants
10:22 pm
and all kinds of things that affect women and again with the todd akin thing, on, you know, forcible or legitimate rape that ryan gets caught up in -- this is like, you are starting to push the gender gap again, which i think was closing a little bit for the romney team. now i think -- i don't -- i haven't seen polling showing it's wide nipping, but i suspect it is. >> greta: when you are in the midst of the stories, they seem so important, so huge, so defining and you forget about them a little. i am curious, we are in the midst of this, knowing what it would do to missouri if the seat went democrat, not republican, should governor akin be elected. will this haunt the republican party? >> i think this will haunt the republican party all the way to november. sarah palin's talking about running a third-party candidate -- a write-in
10:23 pm
candidate. >> greta: but would that help them? if they said to this guy, get out. >> you get two people in and the democrats win the seat for sure. i mean -- we have the entire senate could be hanging in the balance in november over todd akin and supposed legitimate rape and -- >> greta: whatever. the rape thing is -- >> like i said, i think you have -- we keep focusing on the medicare part of the ryan budget. there is all kinds of other cuts in there, cuts in pel grants and education and a lot of these are issues that affect women. so i think -- we haven't seen the end of that. and you tie that to the todd akin to ryan working with akin on the forcible rape definition in the bill. there are just some things that ryan can get caught up in here
10:24 pm
that are not going to be helpful to romney in the end. i think he was the right pick. i was for ryan being picked, not baz i was being a liberal democrat, going, oh, yeah, it would be great. i wasn't. i really think that romney had to pick somebody that was going to shake the race up, put some bold policies out there. i think ryan's that guy, but i do think it's a downed and this isn't cleared up. it's too early to tell. >> greta: joe, thank you. coming up, $52,000 for a video -- $84,000 for promotional items like highlighters and hand sanitizers. who would be dumb enough to pay that? don't ask. and it's the tip of the iceberg. congressman issa will be here with the latest. and people are fuming about national security leaks before, they will be through the roof people like options.
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>> greta: you just paid $52,000 to make a parody video. but that's just a drop in the bucket. congressman issa is investigating the department of everywheres affairs for spending $5 million. yes, $5 million, on two conferences in orlando, florida, last year. we spoke with congressman issa. congressman, nice to see you, sir. >> nice to be back on, greta. >> greta: all right. okay. another spending by our federal government. this time, $5 million, two conferences, including that $52,000 for that "patton"
10:29 pm
impersonation video for -- i guess for h.r. representatives. how did this happen? >> it happens the same way it's been happening throughout government. government doesn't respect your money. there is a culture in government that, you know, they deserve to be treated like, quote, the other people. and it's one of those changes that has to happen across government and start with the leadership at the top. clearly the general needs to get on this at veterans. but there needs tosh real change at the top in our we fund these things and what the expectation is for men and women in all parts of all cabinet pogs because gsa is not isolated, the v.a. is want isolated. this keeps happening and tell keep happening until the culture is changed. >> greta: all right. there are two conferences for h.r. in orlando. among the cost, $84 thousand,000 for highlighters highlighters ad
10:30 pm
sanitizers, that's pretty stuny. there are 558,000 -- a backlog in department of veterans benefits administration, backlog in claims. so they have a backscplog we have all of these claims that are not even being looked at because of the backlog. >> exactly right. our men and women in uniform or active-duty military. when they want to further their education, they go online, they are taking courses from afghanistan over the internet. so it is not like the veterans administration couldn't do a lot of this without the cost of hotels, grab-bags of goodies, helicopter rides, free alcohol and lots of other things that arev gone again and again, with the conferences or with those lucky individual who is get to pick out the place for the next conference irvetion you want to know what is outrage upon
10:31 pm
outrage is this? the general has ordered an outside independent review of the training policies and procedures and execution of all training and ethics training for the conference planners -- why -- first of all, it seems common sense, you don't waste the taxpayers monoa conference when you have a backlog of almost 600,000 claims. but why does he have to spend more of our money to review something that the rest of us just know isn't right? >> viknown if i canar -- i have known rick for a long time. i think he doesn't have confidence in his own people to, in fact, fix the cultural problem -- >> greta: just say no! just say no! don't do it. don't let anyone authorize these conferences. i mean, why do have you to go outside to find out that it's wrong to spend $84,000 on highlighters and hand sanitizers to go to orlando and take helicopter rides and go to a
10:32 pm
conference?! how can that possibly need an outside review? who doesn't know that that is just wrong! >> i would like to see more outrage across government. the one thing i will say eye am not defending anybody, including the general, but let's understand, his -- i have talked to him personally -- his challenge is not that there are not rules against waste. it is that there is a culture of waste. this is part of what president romney's going to have to change in government. we are guessing to have to change the culture in addition to the rules. part of my problem is that there is a culture of not providing transparency which makes it harder for us to see the waste. when we see the waste, there is a typically a coverup, as you know with fast & furious, we have one of the worst possible way -- wastes right now, atf, the acting director has in fact, had one of the worst offenders in fast & furious on administrative paid leave, adding to his retirement, plus a six-figure salary, working at
10:33 pm
j.p. morgan for another six-figure salary. this is somebody who our report said perjured himself before the congress. we don't understand why j.p. morgan would hire someone who has lied to congress and will be referred for criminal prosecution or why atf is not only paying this person, bill mechanic mahan, but adding to his pension -- >> greta: that's the whole point! >> advanceds a coverup for his standing ranks with the administration. >> greta: i mean, from what i understand, from your report and your letter, is that, you accuse him of perjury and what his supervisors do is that now scur tow keep him on administrative leave and authorize him to take live so he has this back money, his pension. meanwhile, he is going off with a high-faluting jobs somewhere else. so he gets more than twice as much. plus! what you say is that he gets his pension, although we have a dead border agent and an incomplete
10:34 pm
study. the american people eye mean, what do they think about this? >> well, obviously, they are outraged and the terry family is waiting for answers. this is one of the more outrage of the family of fallen border patrol agent brian terry. we know that the i.g. report is finished. we know it is at justice and we know we can't see t. we are hoping that they will release it. we are positive that it's going to say the same thing our report has said, which is, this is somebody who was responsible for and signed documents that he told our committee he didn't see, didn't know about. the only question is, did he not read them and sign them? if he did, then, in fact, should he be guarding the accounts that the men and women who are watching your show have at j.p. morgan? that's what we are dealing with, somebody who should have been fired from atf, instead is technically on the payville and he has a pi high-paying job at yet another company that he only
10:35 pm
got because of his reputation, perhaps unearned -- at atf. but this is the problem with the culture of government -- you know what? -- >> we need a new president. >> greta: there are 222 issues. i am going to take the last word on this thing at the v.a. it looks like it's taxpayer money and people don't care. you have to come up with rules to have real penalty when people are just -- just waste american taxpayer money. $5 million could do a lot of money. i am taking the last word that. nice toy coo you, chairman. >> thank you. changing the culture does mean there have to be punishments for wrongdoing. i am with you 100%. >> greta: thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> coming up, new jersey governor chris christie fighting for his political life. in two minutes, forget obedience training, a new blog takes the world by storm. an incredibly creative or clever
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liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. three counties in northern california now under a state of emergency. the declaration's paving the way for badly-needed funds to battle a series of raging wildfires. the worst is the 24,000-acre ponderosa fire that destroyed 50 buildings and continues to threaten hundreds more buildings. about 3,000 residents have been evacuated. dozens of wildfires are burning across the drought-stricken west. major league baseball handing out its second 50-game suspension in a week. oakland as pitcher,bar tollo cologne fined after testing for for steroids. earlier in the week, melky
10:42 pm
cabrera was suspended for failing a drug test. both of these players now gone the rest of the season. he group of military veterans attacking president obama are getting an earful from active-duty military members with one special forces member writing, it's an unprofessional, shameful action on the part of the operators. and joining us is rick klein, co-host of topline and a national correspondent for the washington post and steve hayes, senior writer at the weekly standard. the issue of leaks consuming us for a while. is that an important part of the campaign? the whole idea of national security and the investigation going on? >> yeah, i think it is. look, i respectfully disagree with martin dempsey. i think it is entirely appropriate to be expressing their opinions and one could argue they have a better right
10:43 pm
to express their opinions on these issues than pretty much anybody else. i think they would be wise to focus on the leaks. i think that's something that everybody gets and not something that people are asking questions about, the way they are -- the way they should be in my view. the attacks on president obama and the osama bin laden killing the bin laden raid strikes me, most voters, republicans and in thees are willing to say, look, he gave the order, he deserves the credit. i think if they want to have an impact, it's the criticism of the leaks. >> greta: will this be effective? it is such a specialized interest, but such an important one, but we are not hearing much about it. >> in terms of the veterans? i think that they are -- one of the great things about our system that they are well within their rights to voice their opinions. but they are also -- it's a very overtly and partisan act that
10:44 pm
they are engaged in. i think that that is what martin dempsey is concerned about, is the sort of the degree to which politics intrudes into the reputation of the special forces and potentially into their effectiveness. >> greta: does it make a difference that these are retired? they are not active members? >> it absolutely makes a difference in their right to speak out. i think -- but it does not, you know, make a difference in terms of how i think how credible they are, or -- i think again, you know, dempsey is thinking of the reputation and the ability of the special forces to do their jobs. >> greta: you know, rick, it is almost like we are so down in the gutter screaming about other things, we oftentimes are so busy saying, so-and-so said you were a jerk, what do you think? that we forget that there are profoundly important issues like afghanistan, national security, what is going on with israel and
10:45 pm
iran. >> let's see hathey have, what message they try to push and stick to the issues. i think some of the groups have been associated with the fringe elements inside the party. if you go there, that's a different messaging than if you stick to the national security. let's see what funding they get and how they get the message out there and if it sticks. >> greta: what does governor romney have to do, while -- more importantly to wow the independents and the undecided. >> it's time to meet the guy and get a mitt romney introduction. he has been introduced almost entirely on barack obama's terms. we have learned a lot through what the obama campaign and the democrats have said about him. he hasn't had a fresh opportunity. the convention offers that start. there is the distraction of storms and the political storms. but hoo has a chance to put himself out there and connect his biography with the issues putting forward as important for the american people. if he can do that in tampa, he
10:46 pm
has a successful convention. >> i think, too, what i find really interesting, the degree to which the rising stars in the republican party are going to be emphasized or spotlighted at this convention because i do think in many ways, a lot of republicans view mitt romney as sort of a transitional figure and that they have this big bench of conservativeitallent out there that is not quite ready for the main event. but again, i think the party's image is also going to be very much on display. >> greta: it does seem younger. i mean, there are new faces. i hadn't thought about that. >> i think he would be wise to pick up on the arguments and the accomplishments of republican governors. have you scott walker, what he did in wisconsin was controversial, but largely successful. chris christie and bobby jindal and the more youthful figure who is do provide a good image and would allow mitt romney to complement what rick is saying,
10:47 pm
beyond introducing himself, which he certainly has to do, but laying an alternative vision for where he is going to take the country. i agree with joe trippi, i think mart -- part of what people are looking for, what are you going to do? where are you going to take us? >> greta: panel, stand by. straight ahead, governor christie, you just mentioned, with strong words for fellow with strong words for fellow republican and congressman todd [ female announcer ] think a thick cream is the only way to firm skin?
10:48 pm
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>> greta: new jersey governor chris christie has words of advice for todd akin. todd akin said this when it turned to abortion. when it comes to rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down. >> vilisten to the video three times. i just can't make heads or tails of it. forget he should drop out of the race, he should drop out of public life. >> greta: back with the panel. to move from that topic -- let me get back to the navy seals thing. there is a new book coming out. what is it about the osama bin laden raid? >> this is going to be one of the most anticipated releases of all time.
10:52 pm
people want to know what happened, written by someone who -- one of the seals on the raid or purports to be, under a pseudonym. i think everyone will be interested to see what is in it, including the white house. >> my question here, though, is when a typical woman, an official who has access to sensitive information, the government usually has a say over what kinds of information can get into that book. i am -- given that this is being done anonymously, i am wondering whether those rules are going to apply to this as well. >> my understanding is that they are not, the early indications is that they are not i. that's an outrage. >> it would be very interesting to see if what they disscploas do they include the kinds of details that could jeopardize future missions. >> greta: paul ryan next week. how's he going to do? >> big opportunity for him. i think he injected some life into the campaign early on. i think he has a compelling message, a really effective communicator and brings the
10:53 pm
campaign back to the big issues. and he has a great family story to tell. the nation knows nothing about paul ryan. they don't know mitt romney and they really don't know paul ryan. it's part of the younger generation. he is a republican super star. there are a lot of them in the next generation. >> greta: what who do you want to hear from? >> i think criss christie has the most potential -- because as much as we feel like we know him and his -- his whole schtick and his whole attitude, i think this is going -- it will be interesting to watch most of america really see this guy for the first time. >> it will be interesting to see how chris christie frames his speech as you saw, he's so entertaining and informative. >> greta: are we waiting to hear because we think he's going to entertain us? and are we going to be disappointed if he didn't have the great one helpr-liners? heville them. >> this is his money spot. he'll have them. this is mitt romney's convention. if he doesn't knock it out of the park in the speech, you
10:54 pm
won't remember what bobby jindal or chris christie or paul ryan had to say. >> there is always one speech that outshines the nominee himself. last time, it was sarah palin. so it will be, it will be interesting to see. >> greta: if the storm doesn't hit. >> that's right. >> greta: if the storm doesn't hit. you have tweeted and i put it on gretawire. you have warned us all, we can't bring umbrellas in, we will be looking like drowned rats. >> this is a good warning. it happened four years ago, bad timing. >> greta: how about vice-president biden? political mischief -- he's going to show up? >> i am mystified by this. i do not see how this has an up side. >> greta: for whom? >> for rjournallist who is are going to cover him. >> greta: i think it's a declaration of war. i think the invitation for the republicans to do some mischief in charlotte. >> no question. >> they have announced mitt romney will be campaigning that week. he will be out, trying to make
10:55 pm
news. you don't get to have that week, in the 24-hour news psychele and every second count, they will be counter messaging. >> greta: thank you all very much. coming up, speaking of media bias, we were talking about that earlier, is president obama trying to f ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a simple gesture speaks to respect... and respect speaks for itself. introducig the new jeep altitude editions. style looks better with substance.
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